Difference Between Your Facial Cleanser & Toner

Difference Between Your Facial Cleanser & Toner

The slight similarities between your cleanser and toner can make you think they are the same. This is not true as there are unique differences between a cleanser and toner. 

One common thing you should know about cleansers and toner is that they are both cleaning agents that help to prepare the face and skin for the other skin care products you use for your skincare routine. 

For some time now, we figured that many individuals have been confusing the two products as one. To help you know the difference between your cleanser and toner, we put together this article to educate and enlighten you on the various things that make them different. 

What is a Facial Cleanser? 

A facial cleanser is any substance that removes and floats away impurities such as dirt, dust, oil, & makeup from your face and leaves your face & skin refreshing, clean and radiant. A facial cleanser can include things like cream, Micellar water etc. 

An effective cleanser like the Nashé beauty’s prime the glow (gentle cleanser), helps to unclog the skin pores and remove impurities without causing any unfavorable reactions to the skin. 

The Nashé beauty cleanser contains natural ingredients that give the skin antibacterial and antioxidant benefits. And it is excellent for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin.

What is a Facial Toner? 

We have already talked about what a cleanser is. Now let’s define what a facial toner is. 

A facial toner is a liquid substance that removes extra impurities from your skin. These are impurities that your cleanser could not wipe away. It also helps to minimize the appearance of pores and keeps the skin firm and tight. 

One unique thing about toner is that it helps prepare your face ready for other skincare or makeup products you wish to apply to it. 

With Nashé beauty soothe the glow (Hydrating toner), you will enjoy a lot of benefits like;

  • It helps to deep clean your skin pores
  • It gives a cool, hydrated and refreshed skin 
  • It plays a vital role in toning and tightening your skin 
  • It helps to balance the skin’s PH

What is the difference between your facial cleanser and toner? 

Based on what we have said so far, we will differentiate facial cleanser and toner according to these three outstanding factors: Definition, Uses and Order of layering.


A cleanser is a substance in the form of a liquid, solid or emulsion that you apply on your face and skin to remove dirt, makeup, oil and impurities,

 while toner is usually a liquid substance that removes extra impurities that can not be wiped away by a cleanser. 


The most significant use of a cleaner is to remove any form of impurity from your skin, While toner is used for numerous purposes such as removing impurities, deep cleaning skin pores, tightening the skin and balancing the skin pores. 

Order of layering 

A cleanser is the first thing you apply in the morning/evening, while a toner comes after using a cleanser and prepares your skin for other skincare products. 

Although cleansers and toners are not the same product, they help to clean and protect your skin. It is also vital to know that without these two products, it would be difficult for your skincare routine to be effective.  

This is because your skincare products function well when applied to clean skin. 

The Nashé beauty’s prime the glow (gentle cleanser) and soothe the glow (hydrating toner) are two perfect and trusted skincare products that ensure that your face and skin are always clean and ready to receive the rest of your products. 

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