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Savanna Sky Collection
Cleanse - Nourish - Protect

Our Savanna Sky Collection is magical, unexpected, and may appeal to your spirit of adventure. Beneath the Savanna sky, the incessant heat and whispering winds foster the ideal habitat to ripen fruits and nuts laden with the golden oils. The oils have been used for centuries by African women as pure well-rounded means to enhance skin glow. Use them on your face, your body or your hair to cleanse, nourish and protect for a glowing youthful looking you. You may choose any of these oils that are appealing, dependent upon your skin and hair type.

If you are unsure, consider the explorer kits to help you decide. These are fragrant-free carrier oils that work. If you desire fragrance, add your choice of essential oils. For adults; four drops of essential oil per 10 ml carrier oil. For children; two drops per 10 ml of carrier oil. Explore our oils as they are or mix your own potions to fully experience the perpetual sun-kissed glow of our Savanna Sky Collection.