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Meet Jestina

Meet Jaye

I am an African-Canadian, living in the Greater Vancouver area. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, and mother to many. My growing up in a remote village in Masvingo, Southern Zimbabwe, sparked my curiosity for the discovery of natural resources in my environment.

I learned the traditional knowledge from my many grandmothers and mothers about plants and how they are used to nourish our health, skin and hair, as food, skin care or in medicines. This experience led to my studying the sciences as a career.

It is my passion for wellness and beauty that led me to work in the Natural Health Product and Cosmetic industries, as well as to become a graduate of Formula Botanica, the world's leading accredited online Organic Cosmetic Science school.

I have combined my traditional and scientific knowledge of biochemical compounds to craft natural products that are safe, effective, empowering and sustainable. Products that you will want to have in your daily beauty rituals.

Nashé Beauty is my way of inviting you to explore Africa or reconnect, and to share the rich, warm ambience of my African heritage.


Dr. Jestina Moyo Kusina.

The Journey

This journey started in my childhood. It has been winding and riddled with many curve-balls. My parents were village School teachers. That allowed my siblings and I to attend school, even though we lived in a remote village where access to quality education was difficult. Our grandparents and parents were supportive and encouraged us to reach for the stars despite the hardships. So, as children, we played hard, we read and learned a lot too. Later in life, the obstacles were many. Mistakes were made and lessons learned but keeping the faith and staying focused on what matters helped open more opportunities.

Coming to Canada closed some doors. But it also opened some windows for me to look out, to see the big picture. I took a deep breath and remembered who I am and my people, by blood or by choice. Now, in my 50s, I have become a new beauty brand owner and I am truly, enjoying the ride.

My advice is never to give up on yourself and your dreams. Here are some of the things that I hold dear, that helped me stay focused:

  • • My very strong roots and culture,
  • • My desire for wellness and beauty, and to share both with others,
  • • A quest for discovery and the appreciation of the art of nature, its diversity, its sounds, colours, aromas, textures, tastes, flavours, and above all, its power on our well-being. Its ability to heal,
  • • A strong belief and desire to help and empower others, our communities, and watching out for our planet.

The creation of Nashé Beauty has allowed me to pursue all that resonates with me, and at the same time, reach out to help others. It is truly a labour of Love. Love for Self. Love for Others. Love for Communities and Love for our Planet.

I have made my home in beautiful British Columbia, where the natural beauty is amazing and inspiring. The beauty of nature is what inspires me to be creative.

I hope that you can enjoy some of this natural luxury every day, through Nashé Beauty.

Proudly African-Canadian

Proudly African-Canadian


While nature inspires my art, I am supported by family and friends, clients and customers, who cheer me on. I am grateful.

I could not have walked through this journey all by myself. I had help from all the women before me, and many more who inspired me along the way - my sisters, my girls - all of us daughters of the soil. Bravo to my sister Styline, who wasted our aunt’s perfume, spraying it on flowers to make them more fragrant when I was ten years old. Needless to say, our aunt was distraught, for we had wasted her most cherished possession, and Africa’s most popular perfume at the time, “Bint El Sudan”. To protect my sister, I promised to make a perfume for her when I grew up. Now, I have the chance to deliver on this promise.

When I arrived in Canada in 2008, the move was a challenging one, but I had hope, faith, and truly believed in God’s timing and grace. There is no running away from being an immigrant, a woman, and of colour. I had experienced many roadblocks before. They were, and still are, here.

In 2009, I met a kind stranger. An Asian lady who helped me and, in a way, provided a steppingstone to where I am now. I never met her again, but she is truly a sister in my book. She has taught me that when you have kindness in your heart, there are no boundaries as to how you can express it.

I am motivated by the stories of the women, and the girls, which are similar to my upbringing. But, they are also different in some respects. Quite often, I am reminded of my daughter, Blessing, and her incredible journey through life. The girls are resilient and determined to make something of themselves with the few resources available to them. It is their faith and unwavering determination that keeps them going. Like me, they have had their paths riddled with curve-balls. Yet, they wear their many scars (both physical and emotional) with grace. Such is the power of women to rise. Proof positive that God heals all, and true beauty is possible.

Nashé means “with God” or “God is with us.” We say Nashé a lot in my culture. This is at the core of our brand in so many ways. As with Blessing, my whole family and I have been blessed to be where we are today. Nashé Beauty is helping to create a space where young women can learn, and use beauty to grow their confidence, and not just survive, but flourish. Nashé beauty aspires to assist many to carry the blessings forward, in partnership with the EMM Foundation, whose objectives are directed towards empowering women and girls.

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