Our Nashé Brand

Nashé means “with God” in Shona, an African Bantu language spoken in Zimbabwe.

Nashé Beauty is a Canadian-African Heritage beauty brand based in Greater Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The magnificent richness of Africa’s botanical heritage is a nourishing resource our brand wishes to share. Nashé Beauty uses traditional African knowledge, passed on from our grandmothers and mothers, and modern skincare science to craft natural products for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Products you will want to use every day in your beauty ritual.

Our passion is to create beauty, guided by five core values: Empowerment, Innovation, Integrity, Inclusivity and Joy. Nashé Beauty offers unforgettable experiences that elevate your well-being, enhancing wellness for your skin, body and spirit. Nashé Beauty is committed to bringing to you, products that are Safe, Effective, Empowering and Sustainable (SEES).

Products are made in small batches, with a dash of exoticness and a sense of adventure added. Products are made in in a GMP certified facility following our 4-step process (ingredient vetting & curating, product creating and testing). Every product is formulated with care, using effective and ethically sourced ingredients and tested for quality and safety to help you maintain your beauty and youthful appearance.

The five traits that keep Nashé Beauty focused are love, family, faith, hope and surprise. We find a way to infuse these attributes into our products because we know that everyone is special.  


Safe - Effective - Empowering - Sustainable (SEES)


Nashé Beauty products contain carefully, purposefully, selected synergistic ingredients with an abundance of Phyto-actives that help nourish, soothe, and calm you, from head to toe. As well, products help to protect your skin and hair from the negative effects of environmental stressors that affect our World community today.

Nashé Beauty products reduce the look or the signs of aging, leaving your whole self looking radiant and rejuvenated. You’ve got the look, the power, and we encourage you to join us in exploring Africa and the rest of world through Nashé Beauty. There is no other way to look and feel, except as beautifully empowered, naturally, with Nashé Beauty.

Find Your True Glow

Every woman’s natural beauty can shine through. Energizing. Mesmerizing! Giving you the power to be queen of your life. We have created a collection of natural skincare/hair products that elevate your all-around wellbeing. Products that feel wonderful the moment they luxuriate your skin, protecting and complimenting you. Setting free the pleasurable vitality in feeling beautiful. No matter your skin type, we’re here for you. We want you to Find Your True Glow, inside out.

Why Nashé Beauty

Every time you buy a Nashé Beauty product and apply it to your skin or hair:

  • • You can be sure that it has been made with love to nurture your beauty-skin, hair, body and spirit.
  • • Your skin and/or hair will change to reveal an even more beautiful version of you.
  • • When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful, and there is no stopping you.
  • • You are affording many women the dignity of income.
  • • You are playing a part in bringing positive change and development to disadvantaged communities.
  • • You are paying the blessings forward.

   You Are Invited

Nashé Beauty wants to work with you to transform your beauty routine to more than just skin deep. Nashé Beauty wants to enable you to make a positive global impact by empowering women and communities, where our ingredients are sourced, and where change is needed the most in the world. Where possible, Fair Trade ingredients are sourced, and in doing so providing members of these communities with the dignity of income. As well, Nashé Beauty is helping to create a space where young women can learn, where they can use beauty to grow their confidence to not simply survive, but flourish. Nashé Beauty aspires to assist many to carry the blessings forward, in partnership with EMM Foundation. You are invited to be part of the Nashé Beauty family.

Explore our African heritage through Nashé Beauty