The Founding of Nashé Beauty

We believe that we can boost confidence through education & beauty to make a difference,
one girl at a time.

The Visit

I believe that by supporting women in their communities, we can afford them the dignity of income.

The Visit

A few years ago, I visited my home country and travelled to the villages where I grew up. After so many years of being away, it was heartening to see my nieces and nephews running around the yard. Yet, I was taken aback. The villages are no longer the same place where I grew up. The change could not be stopped. The natural resources of my youth are dwindling, if not completely wiped out. Those that persevered; only some are now designated a protected species, while some others are being managed sustainably, supported by organizations such as Bio-Innovation Zimbabwe.

Despite the gains over the past decades, the challenges women and girls face in our communities are still apparent here, as they are around the globe. Limited access to education is one of the biggest issues. Other issues are the treatment of women and girls in the allocation of workloads, resources, and opportunities. In my village, it is as if time stood still. I saw women and girls carrying on with their chores, preparing meals, cleaning, fetching water (with some carrying babies on their backs).

Without assigning blame, it is important to realize the immense responsibilities that women have in caring for their families. In many cultures, the work performed by women is not as valued as the work performed by men.

There are gender inequalities in workload, allocation of resources, income and opportunities for girls and women. I believe that by supporting women in their communities, we can afford them the dignity of income and reduce poverty among women and children.

The Trigger

During my visit, I was astonished to learn that, due to poverty, over 100 girls who attend the elementary school (my old school, Chikava, where my parents used to work) miss an average of four days of school per month because they do not have access to sanitary pads and underwear during their monthly trips to the moon (menstrual cycle).

This is my pain point. These girls could have been me, my sisters, or my cousins. They are my daughters, as it takes a village to raise a child in Africa. This situation made me sad and pushed me to go back to some of my earliest memories growing up, seeing my parents donating school supplies and uniforms for some who could not afford them. The lessons that my parents taught my siblings and I, to share in support of our community, became a constant gnawing in my soul. On that day, I was determined to assist, even in a small way. Nashé Beauty was born.

I believe that we at Nashé Beauty can boost confidence through education & beauty to make a difference, one girl at a time. A percentage of our sales will go to our EMM Foundation in support of education initiatives in the very communities that produce the ingredients for our products that make our lives a little easier and beautiful.

The Trigger

I believe that at Nashé Beauty we can boost confidence through education & beauty and make a difference, one girl at a time



I live in Canada now. Quite far from the village where I grew up. I have fond memories of the fruits, vegetables and varieties of useful plants that were part of my daily life. Today, I cannot always eat the fresh fruits or use the fresh plants. But I sure can luxuriously slather my whole body, from head to toes, with the silky rare oils, cosmetic creams and powders, made with ingredients from the very plants that nourished me growing up. I can add to that by eating the nutritious, tasty, dried fruit powders, or make teas from the leaves of native plants, like I used to. All this, to experience true beauty inside and out, again.

The solution - Nashé Beauty

Nashé Beauty aims to build a unique beauty brand for you. Nashé Beauty combines tradition and innovation by using time-tested, natural wild-harvested and science - proven ingredients to craft unique products for a diverse market. Products that are safe, effective, empowering and sustainable to solve both skin and personal care problems.

Many of the ingredients for Nashé Beauty initially come from the countries of Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Malawi, Ghana, and Morocco. As we grow, we shall expand our global reach in sourcing ingredients, and by doing so, expand women’s enterprise and community development. Africa is beautiful. A revelation that is not yet fully shared with the world. Join us, on our quest to explore Africa through our brand, Nashé Beauty.

The Nashé Beauty experience enhances your well-being. It is luxury, leaving you soothed, calmed, relaxed, confident and empowered. Step into our circle and be part of our tribe. Connect with Nashé. Whether or not you have found your unique routine, we would love to hear from you. Each time you purchase a Nashé Beauty product and apply it to your skin and hair, you become a partner working towards positive change and development to disadvantaged communities. Be beautifully empowered, naturally. 

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