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We are keenly aware that the cosmetic and skincare world continues to evolve. That evolution is driven by your desire and your need for change. We shall evolve with you. Connect, and share with us what is important to you, for it is important to us to see the world through your experience. Our exposure to diverse minds reveals new and wondrous ways that we can adapt and resolve the challenges that we are confronted with, be it in formulations, production, packaging, distribution or logistics. Share with Us!.


Nashé Beauty uses science-based knowledge to select safe ingredients, responsibly sourced, that do no harm to our consumers or to our environment. We craft simple but effective products that nourish and protect in a balanced fashion.

We are exposed to an ever-growing wave of research into hair, skin and personal care products that reveal the harmful nature of certain ingredients to consumers. Certain countries embrace the science and champion increased regulation and prohibition of these ingredients.

Nashé Beauty conforms to the EU Standards, one of the most stringent on the globe, to craft our cosmetics. We safeguard our consumer’s health and wellness by aggressively pursuing transparency when seeking credible global suppliers, and preserving the integrity of ingredients through supply chain tracing and auditing, as well as ingredient testing.

Our sisters, our planet, demand our vigilance, and we shall deliver.

Integrity & Transparency

We are for clean beauty. Our planet earth is one of a kind, a limited edition.

Inclusifity & Joy

“Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else”

 Margaret Head


At Nashé Beauty, inclusivity is not just a notion. It’s our heritage. It’s our business. We find joy in the diversity of our workplace, our products, and the customers we serve. We know that everyone is unique and that extends to their beauty and beauty routine. We have no set definition of beauty and its rituals, and this is reflected in our offerings. Everyone has the freedom to choose their own beauty ritual, one that suits them best.

We aim to expand our product line, to cater to the needs of all in our community; men & women, of all skin types, colour or tone, of all hair textures.

Our workplace reflects our inclusivity, and this allows us to lift our sights and broaden our horizons. Inclusivity expands our global reach and grows our community.

The diverse nature of our team allows us to better meet challenges head-on and serve you better. We work hard but also play hard, staying positive, and celebrating our small successes at every step in our growth. We have planned, and we promise, to give each person who endeavors to join our community a voice and opportunity to shape the future of Nashé. This means you. If you are interested in working with Nashé, or supporting EMM Foundation, click here to join us.


At Nashé Beauty, we believe in helping, sharing, and supporting our communities.

Here in Canada, Nashé Beauty supports shelters for women and those with mental health problems. These shelters play an important role in addressing issues of ongoing abuse against women in Canada. This is one of the issues our founder is passionate about. In many parts of the world, many women are abused every day but because of their culture, they cannot leave or there is no safe place to go. We want to make it possible for a woman to be empowered to find solutions that work for their situations. We believe in wellness in body, mind and relationships.

Inspire & Empower

Nashé Beauty provides business mentorship and empowerment workshops for young women in disadvantaged (i.e. migrant) communities within Canada. This is another example of our founder’s desire to say thank you. New in Canada, she found support from community programs directed at immigrants like herself.


Zimbabwe, wherefrom our founder came, continues to be ravaged by poverty. The impact against the inhabitants of the rural areas is markedly severe, and the most vulnerable are the women and children.

Yet, the rural areas still have an abundance of underused indigenous plants that have been wild-harvested for generations to provide food, remedies, and personal care. The collection and processing local plant products encourage small-scale enterprises which generate employment opportunities and income for women. The community prospers from these activities, enabling the women to support themselves, provide their children with adequate nutrition and enable their children to attend school.

There are organizations in Zimbabwe that work in such communities to conduct robust biological, market, and industrial research to commercialize potentially viable crops, whether wild or cultivated. For the identified products, women harvest or collect them, and send the materials for processing to companies equipped to do so, if they are unable to do their own processing.

Nashé Beauty, an empowering brand, will support communities by sourcing fair-trade ingredients that benefit the women and allow them to thrive.

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Fair Trade

Thanks to marula, Suku no longer depends on her husband’s income

I lived a life of working for other people, getting paid with food and second-hand clothes. This would not give me any money for other responsibilities such as other groceries that needed to be bought and education. Remittances from my husband in South Africa would not be enough for the welfare of the family. I also had no time to spend with my children since I worked away from home all day.

Since I joined the BIZ marula project, cracking nuts and selling kernels, I no longer depend on my husband’s income. I can now buy food and clothes for the family and even pay school fees. I also spend most of my time with my children while cracking nuts under a tree.”

Suku Curtesy of BIZ

Founder image

“Every time you buy a Nashé Beauty product and apply it to your skin or hair, you are supporting women and are paying forward the blessings”.

Dr. Jestina Kusina

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