Improve Uneven Skin Tone by Doing These 5 Things

Improve Uneven Skin Tone by Doing These 5 Things

You cannot entirely avoid having an uneven skin tone, as the only thing you can do to your skin tone is to improve it. 

A reminder you should have in mind is that there is nothing like having a perfect skin tone. The presence of dark spots, pimples and rough patches would make having a perfect skin tone impossible. 

Although a lot of individuals have adapted to the act of covering up their uneven skin tone with beauty products, that's not ideally the right way to manage an uneven skin tone. 

If you are experiencing an uneven skin tone, the best way to fix it is by imploring healthy practices. The essence of these healthy practices is to help you have smoother and evenly balanced skin. 

Improving your uneven skin tone should not be a big deal. Although we understand some skincare devotees may see it as one, that perspective can change with the correct information on different ways to improve your uneven skin tone. 

In breaking down the different ways of improving uneven skin tone, we urge you to read on as we discuss them. 

How to improve uneven skin tone

It is wrong to dive into how to improve uneven skin tone without knowing what it is all about (meaning, causes, prevention) first.  

Uneven skin tone occurs when there are rough patches, dark spots and even pimples on your skin due to excessive dead skin cells that build up on the skin surface. All these make the skin appear dull and look uneven. 

If you are not aware yet, uneven skin tone doesn't just appear on the skin from nowhere as it happens to exist due to some factors. Factors such as sun exposure, hyperpigmentation, and dry skin are causes of uneven skin tone. 

Now that we have shared some basic knowledge about uneven skin tone, the next step is to let you in on the different ways to improve uneven skin tone and how it can be helpful for your skincare, whether you are experiencing it or not. 

Without any further talk, here are the 5 ways to improve uneven skin tone;

Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells: It is no longer news that dead skin cells serve as fertile ground for uneven skin tone & other numerous skin conditions. And that’s why we emphasize the benefits of exfoliation as part of your skincare routine. 

Exfoliating your skin regularly (twice a week) helps to remove dead skin cells that cause the skin to be uneven, dull & unattractive. 

Use oil-based skincare products: Dry skin is one of the causes of uneven skin tone. Regularly, the skin is usually dry when there is a lack of sebum, thereby exposing it to harsh conditions. 

The essence of using oil-based skincare products to improve uneven skin tone is to make the production and regulation of sebum easier. In case you don’t know, sebum helps keep the skin hydrated and moisturized, thereby preventing it from becoming dry.

Use skincare products rich in Vitamin C: Just like dry skin, hyperpigmentation is another cause of uneven skin tone. The effect of hyperpigmentation leaves the skin with discolouration issues. 

One of the causes of hyperpigmentation is environmental factors that lead to skin damage. Using skin products rich in vitamin C will help you fight against hyperpigmentation.


This is because Vitamin C is vital in reversing hyperpigmentation by providing the body with antioxidants that help to repair and defend the skin from environmental damage. 

Hydrate your skin: This is one of the simplest ways to improve uneven skin tone. To save your skin from breaking out constantly, ensure you always stay hydrated by drinking enough water. 

It would also be better to moisturize your skin often. You can achieve this by using moisturizing products.

Apply SPF: The sun is not always friendly to the skin, especially during the day. Too much exposure of your skin to the sun can lead to damage and uneven skin tone. It is advisable to apply your SPF when going out. SPF helps to protect your skin against sun rays. 


The welfare of your skin genuinely matters to us, and one of our goals at Nashé beauty is to see you have healthy and glowing skin free from unevenness. To help you overcome and smooth out uneven skin tone, we highly recommend you visit our Nashé beauty store and get yourself the complete package of our chiso collections. 

We have excellent skincare products ranging from gel exfoliants and creams that make it easy to say goodbye to uneven skin tone. 

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