Lips Appreciation Day: Why It Is Important and How You Can Appreciate Your Lips.

Lips Appreciation Day: Why It Is Important and How You Can Appreciate Your Lips.

You can’t completely describe the beauty of the face without complimenting the eyes, nose, eyebrows and evidently the lips. The lips are that one part of the human face unique for their attractive nature. 

You can see how extra your lips can be. That’s why it is also essential to acknowledge and appreciate your lips in the little way you can by taking proper care of them. March 16 is a special day dedicated to being an appreciation day for the lips as a vital part of your being.  

On that note, Nashé beauty is taking time in this article to encourage you to appreciate your lips by learning how to care for them. No one wants chapped dry lips okay?

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • A brief history of the lips appreciation day. 
  • Interesting facts you should know about your lips.
  • Lip care tips.
  • The significance of lips appreciation day.

A Brief History Of Lips Appreciation Day.

From the name, it is clear that the purpose of lip appreciation day is to encourage and educate individuals on the importance of appreciating their lips as an attractive part of the face.

The accolade behind the existence of this day goes to the efforts of Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holiday. Although no one can say the exact year the celebration began, it is still in existence now. 

Aside from appreciating your lips on this day, it is also an excellent opportunity to encourage individuals to embrace the unique features of their lips no matter the size and shape they come in. 

The lips are one of the most vital parts of the body as they help us carry out different functions like eating, drinking & talking effectively. 

Due to how hypersensitive the lips can be, this can cause them to dry out quickly, thereby losing their moisture during extreme temperatures. This is one of the few reasons you should care for your lips regularly without reminders. And also, take time to appreciate your lips for all the incredible things you can do with them. 

4 Interesting Facts You Should Know About The Lips.

The lip is a vital part of the human face. And as such, it is important and resourceful in carrying out various activities like eating, drinking, smiling and more. But at the same time, there are interesting facts you should know about your lips, and they are; 

  1. You know how your fingerprints are specifically unique to you is how no two persons can have the same lip impressions. 
  2. Your lips do not sweat, and this is because it doesn’t have a sweat gland. 
  3. Your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and this is due to the more than a million different nerve endings it has. 
  4. Your lips get thinner as you age. This is due to the volume of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in your skin deleting as you age.

Lip Care Tips For Healthy Lips.

The core aim of celebrating lips appreciation day is to educate and encourage you to always appreciate the existence and beauty of your lips by learning and carrying out activities that can help you be thankful for your lips. 

Carrying out these activities will significantly help you to take proper care of your lips at all times. In no particular order, here are some of the activities you can do to care for your lips.

  1. Moisturize and protect your lips from dryness: Due to how tender the lips can be, it is always advisable to moisturize them as often as you can. You achieve protecting your lips from getting dry by using moisturizing products like lip balm, lip gloss or lipsticks. You should also ensure that these products contain SPF that will help protect your lips from carcinogenic UV rays.
  2. Exfoliate your lips: Even on your lips, dead skin cells can exist on them. The presence of these dead skin cells can cause your lips to crack. So to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to exfoliate your lips to remove these dead skin cells. You can exfoliate your lips using a quality mild lip scrub. 
  3. Don’t forget to massage your lips: You can also appreciate your lips by rubbing oils on them to ensure they stay nourished. This is possible to achieve and maintain with the help of nourishing oils like coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil or even lipglosses. 

What Is The Significance Of Lips Appreciation Day.

The lips aren’t celebrated & appreciated for no reason. If you want to know why it is necessary to acknowledge your lips or ask, what’s the significance of having a day dedicated to just appreciating the lips? 

To answer your questions, below are some of the reasons lip appreciation day is celebrated all over the world. They include; 

  1. To show gratitude to your lips: Your lips deserve to be appreciated because there are functions you can only carry out with them effectively. 
  2. To help you learn and understand healthy ways to care for your lips: One of the purposes the world celebrates lip appreciation day is to educate and provide information on the best ways to show care and maintain your lips and have them in good shape at all times. 

These are some of the few reasons behind Lips Appreciation Day. At Nashé beauty, as much as we are here to help you create an effective skincare routine consisting of excellent skincare products that will help you have glowing skin, we are committed to helping you appreciate and take care of your lips as well. Share this article with a friend if you enjoyed it. 

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Pat McGrath: A founder, a renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur!

Pat McGrath: A founder, a renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur!

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