Inclusivity & Joy

At Nashé, inclusivity is not a concept but our heritage, our business. We find joy in diversity at our workplace, products, and customers we serve. We know that everyone is unique, so is their beauty and beauty routine. We have no set definition of beauty and its rituals, and this is reflected in our offerings. Everyone is free to choose their own beauty ritual, one that suits them best.


We aim to expand our product line, to cater to the needs of all in our community, men, women of all types of skin colour or tone, and with different hair textures. Our workplace reflects our inclusivity, and this allows us to lift our sights and broaden our horizons. Inclusivity expands our global reach and grows our tribe. The diverse nature of our team allows us to better meet challenges head-on and serve you better. We work hard but also play hard, staying positive, and celebrating our small successes at every step in our growth. We have planned and we promise to give each person who dares to join our tribe, a voice and opportunity to shape the future of Nashé. You can too. Join us.


We are not interested in window dressings, as we watched many brands do, this past summer during the Black Lives Matter protests. All they did, was include a few pictures of beautiful black models and wrote the slogan “black lives matter”. That is not who we are. If you are interested in working with Nashé or supporting EMM Foundation click here. [LINK TO EMMFOUNDATION.ORG]