Inspire and Empower

At Nashé Beauty, we believe in helping, sharing, and supporting our communities.

Here in Canada, Nashé Beauty support shelters for abused women and those with mental health problems. These shelters play an important role in addressing issues of ongoing abuse against women in Canada. This is one of the issues our founder is passionate about. In many parts of the world, many women are abused every day but because of their culture, they cannot leave or there is no safe place to go. We want to make it possible for a woman to leave the abuse and get support in a safe environment.


Nashé beauty will provide business mentorship and conduct beauty and empowerment workshops for young women in disadvantaged (e.g. migrant) communities in Canada. This is another of our founder’s way of saying thank you. New in Canada, she found support from community programs targeting immigrants like herself.


In Zimbabwe, where our founder comes from, the country is ravaged by poverty. The people most affected are women and children, mostly girls, and many who live in rural areas. There are many resources in these rural areas that can be used to generate income for women so that they can support themselves and their children, be able to send them to school, and provide them with adequate nutrition. There are organizations in Zimbabwe that work in such communities to conduct robust biological, market, and industrial research to commercialize potentially viable crops, whether wild or cultivated. For the identified products, women harvest or collect and send material for processing to companies equipped to do so, if they are not able to do their own processing. Nashé Beauty will support by sourcing fair-trade ingredients that benefit the women and allow them to thrive.


Nashé Beauty will add value to the African botanicals by making innovative, natural, safe, effective, and cruelty-free products. Five percent of sales will support the EMM Foundation. Click here to learn more. [LINK TO EMMFOUNDATION.ORG]