Meet the Founder_old

If I had known that I would live this long, I would have taken better care of it. ~ Makomora, my grandmother


My name is Dr. Jestina Moyo Kusina. I am an African-Canadian, living in the greater Vancouver area. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, mother, and mentor to many. I have been a scientist for some time and in different disciplines, but all connected. I am a graduate of Formula Botanica, the world's leading accredited online Organic Cosmetic Science school. One thing that has not changed throughout my journey is my love for the art of nature, its sounds, colours, aromas, textures, taste, and flavours and how this all affects our well-being. I have made my home in beautiful British Columbia, where the natural beauty is amazing and inspiring. The beauty of nature is what inspires me to be creative. I hope that you can enjoy some of this natural luxury every day, through Nashé Beauty Experience.


While nature inspires my art, I am supported by family and friends, all of you out there who cheer me on, and all our customers and clients. I am motivated by the stories of women and the girls, which are similar to that of my upbringing but also different in some respects, including, that of my daughter Blessing’s incredible journey through life. Blessing wears her many scars (both physical and emotional) with grace and as proof that God heals all and true beauty is possible. Nashé means “with God” or “God is with us.”


This is particularly at the core of the brand in so many ways, as both Blessing and I have been blessed to be where we are. At Nashé I am guided by our core values.

My life, like that of many women, was not smooth. I made many mistakes along the way. I have failed many times. Five things keep me going: family, faith, hope, surprise, music, and my second office.


Nashé is helping to create a space where young women can learn, can use beauty to grow their confidence and not just survive, but flourish. Nashé aspires to assist many to carry the blessings forward, in partnership with EMM Foundation whose objectives are directed towards empowering women and girls. (Click here to learn more.) [LINK TO EMMFOUNDATION.ORG]