4 Good Reasons Not To Pop Your Pimples No Matter How Tempted You Are

4 Good Reasons Not To Pop Your Pimples No Matter How Tempted You Are

Pimples are one of the most common skincare concerns you will likely struggle with in your skincare journey. As a skincare lover, you should know these pimples are one of those natural skincare concerns that you can hardly escape from. Well, that’s how annoying they can be. 

No matter how much you find these pimples annoying and disgusting, popping your pimples is one thing you should never do. And, if you have already formed a bad habit of doing it, you need to stop.

Popping your pimples comes with consequences that are not healthy and good for your skin, and that’s why we will enlighten you today in this piece on why it is not a good idea to pop your pimples

Here are four good reasons not to pop your pimples, no matter how tempted you are to do so;

1. One of the dangers of popping your pimples is creating space for them to spread out to other areas of your skin that weren’t affected in the first place. Remember, whenever you pop your pimples, you risk allowing bacteria to spread from the infected pores to surrounding pores.

2. Some individuals still believe that popping pimples help to make them heal faster, but that’s not true. Most times, popping your pimples only interrupts the natural healing process because you might injure yourself more while in the act, making the healing process take longer than expected and leave scars.

3. You will likely deal with black spots after your pimples must have gone due to not waiting for them to heal naturally. So, intentionally picking on your skin will only cause damage to it and will probably leave behind some scars on it. Scars are the last thing you would want to have on your skin. The fear of having scars on your skin should be a motivator to help you not to pop your pimples.

4. If you already have a blemish on your skin, then popping & picking your pimples is not a great thing for you to do. Involving yourself in such an act would only inflame your blemish more after struggling to eliminate it. 

As you can see, when dealing with pimples, the best thing you can do to clear them is not to pop them. Choosing to pop them doesn’t assure that your skin will become skin smooth & flawless. Instead, it does more harm than good to your skin.


We believe that the above reasons are valid enough to help you understand the dangers and effects that popping your pimples can lead to if you don’t stop doing it. 

Instead of popping your pimples with the intention of getting them to heal faster, you can choose a healthy alternative of using excellent and effective skincare products from Nashé Beauty

The products that Nashé Beauty has in its Chiso collection can help you treat your pimples without causing any side effects. With these products, you won’t have a problem worrying about what to do with treating the pimples on your face & skin when they show up.

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