For No Reason Should You Use These 5 Things On Your Face

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The human face has gradually become a significant focus of most skincare routines. And if your face is not part of your skincare process, you likely do not have a skincare routine. 


As a skincare enthusiast, it is no doubt that you will love to give your face the best form of skincare, but as much as you intend to keep your face glowing steadily, you should never forget that there are things you are not allowed to use on your face. 

Your face is a delicate part of your body. And must be handled with utmost carefulness. Failure to do so could be unhealthy for you, which is one reason you should pay adequate attention to the types of things you use on your face. 

In this piece, we will share with you five things you should never use on your face, and if you are already using any of them, you need to stop. 

Look out for these five things you should not use on your face. 

Only if you choose to become ignorant, below are the things you should not use on your face;

  1. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil can be good for places like your body and hair but not so great for your face. This is because it is highly comedogenic. Applying Coconut oil to your face can cause your pores to clog, leading to a breakout. 
  2. Toothpaste: There is a reason it is called a toothpaste. You only need to use it in brushing your teeth & mouth, and not to be used on your face for any reason. Mistakenly using toothpaste on your face can cause burns and even infections. It is possible because toothpaste contains strong ingredients that have the potential to irritate your face. 
  3. Glue: Glues do not have any business to do with any part of your face or even your body in general. They are toxic to the skin & face and can also clog your pores, leading to blemishes. So, you should avoid using glue on any part of your face. It is not a healthy thing to do. 
  4. Lemon: As a source of Vitamin C, lemons are great for the body, but due to their acidic nature, they are not so good to be used on your face. Lemons are acidic and can disrupt the natural PH balance of the skin. This PH balance disruption can cause things like irritation, over-drying & burning. 
  5. Baking soda: Baking soda is one thing you should not use on your face. For starters, baking soda is not meant for any part of your body and can be harsh to the skin & face. The effect of applying baking soda on your face includes skin concerns like dryness, irritation and inflammation. 

As a beauty brand, we understand that most skincare lovers do not joke with their faces, which is one of the reasons we curated the chiso glow collection. With Nashé Beauty's Chiso glow collection, your face and skin will always be in good shape.


And again, at Nashé Beauty, we do not encourage skincare lovers like you to use anything that could be harsh and unhealthy for your face. We also trust you to research properly before deciding which products to use on your face. 

We guarantee our skincare enthusiasts that love friendly & healthy skincare products that our chiso glow collection would be an excellent choice for them.

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