Everything You Should Know About Acne

Everything You Should Know About Acne

Struggling & dealing with a skin condition can be frustrating, especially when all you want is clear and glowing skin. One of the most common skin conditions we all struggle with is acne.  

Acne is one of the most recurring skin conditions many individuals experience, yet many don’t understand the concept of acne. You might still be dealing with acne because you are not knowledgeable enough to prevent and treat it. 

The first step towards overcoming the appearance of acne on your skin is to understand and know what acne is all about and everything else associated with it. 

And to make the journey of overcoming acne achievable, we will tailor this piece to answer all the vital questions about acne and provide you with the detailed information you need to know about acne. 

What is acne? 

If you are observant about what happens on your skin, this is not your first time hearing about acne, but still, we will talk about what acne is. 

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions and occurs when the hair follicles on your skin clogs with dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum. 

You need to be aware that acne is a persistent skin condition that leads to other skin conditions such as dark spots and pimples that can appear on the face, chest, neck and back. 

What are the types of acne?

One thing about acne is that it comes in different types. The aim of knowing these types of acne is to enable you to identify the acne you are dealing with. And, of course, how you can treat or prevent it. 

Below, we will be discussing the five common types of acne that it is vital to know about, and they are;


  • Comedones: These types of acne are usually small and skin-coloured. Comedones are two main types named- Blackheads and Whiteheads.


  • The blackheads are also known as the open comedones. It is the common form of acne that everyone gets from time to time which is mild and non-inflammatory. They are usually dark in color. 


  • The whiteheads are also known as closed comedones. This type of comedones comes as a small bump that stays closed on the skin surface. Just like the blackheads, they are also mild and non-inflammatory.

  • Papules: This type of acne is small and appears to be bright red or pinkish in color. You can find them around the papule, and one thing about them is that they are tender to touch. They are also mild in nature, although caused as a result of irritation from blackheads and whiteheads. 

  • Pustules: This type of acne is quite sizable and visible to notice. They occur due to the presence of dead skin cells and bacterial cells. Pustules are often yellow or white, with redness at the base of the swelling. They are inflammatory but mild and surrounded by red and inflamed skin. 

  • Nodules: These are hard pimples embedded deeply under the skin. They are large and painful because of inflammation. Nodules are not always reddish in color as they can appear as your normal skin part. 

  • Cysts: This type of acne is the severe form where an infection creates a red, painful or itchy bump full of pus. One of the causes of cysts is hormonal changes that cause infections and severe inflammation. 

How to treat acne 

One of the frequent questions we get from individuals about acne is, “ how can they treat acne the right way?’’. For starters, acne is one skin condition that you can’t probably avoid, but you can prevent it from developing on your skin. 

Before we talk about how you can treat acne, let’s dive in briefly on how to prevent the appearance of acne on your skin. There are various preventive measures that you should take against acne, and some of them include;

  • Endeavor to always keep your face and skin clean at all times
  • Avoid going to bed with your makeup still on your face
  • Stop the habit of popping your pimples. Failure to do so will only make the acne get worse. 
  • Avoid sleeping on a dirty pillowcase and bed sheets
  • When going out, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen and protect your skin from the sun

If you are experiencing acne, we understand that treating and getting rid of it is one of your significant concerns. Treating your acne shouldn’t be that hard and frustrating with some excellent skin care products from Nashé beauty

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Consistent use of these products from Nashé beauty would surely give you the best result while clearing acne and leaving your skin glowing and smooth.

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