5 Must-know Cleansing Mistakes To Avoid

5 Must-know Cleansing Mistakes To Avoid

As simple as cleansing can be, you need to know some mistakes you make with your cleansing process that can render it ineffective. This is to tell you that cleansing is not just cleansing as you always assume.

Cleansing is not always as easy as forming a lather with your cleanser on your face and rinsing with water. If you must know, it goes beyond that.

Remember, any mistake with your cleansing process has a higher chance of making your other skincare process ineffective. 

It is important as a skincare user to be mindful of these cleansing mistakes as it will help you prevent your skin from getting exposed to skin conditions such as dry skin and acne breakouts.

Sometimes, you might not realize that you are making mistakes with your cleansing process until you start noticing you are not getting the perfect outcome you should. 

We observed that most skincare users make these cleansing mistakes because they do not know how to identify them.

The observation validates the question asked by some skincare users, “ what are the cleansing mistakes to avoid?” Now to provide the answers to the question, we will share with you five cleansing mistakes you should avoid. 

5 Cleansing Mistakes to Look Out For In Your Skincare Routine

If you ever find yourself in a situation whereby you do your cleansing routine regularly but still are not getting your desired expectation, then you are probably committing any of these mistakes;

  • Using dirty hands to cleanse your face/skin

You cannot always remember where you touched your hands or what you used them for at all times. This is why you should remember to wash your hands thoroughly before cleansing. 

The essence of ensuring that your hands are clean is to avoid mixing your cleanser with the particles such as bacteria, dirt & germs that must have come in contact with your hands. 

If this ever happens, it means that you are indirectly rubbing off these accumulated particles on your skin, thereby exposing your skin to the causes of acne and pimples. 

So, today emulate the habit of washing your hands to start experiencing a positive outcome with your cleansing process. 

  • Going too fast with your cleansing process

It is wrong to always go too fast with your cleansing process because, in the end, you will not achieve any positive outcome. A proper and effective cleansing process should be slow and gentle.

You deserve to take quality time to cleanse your face & skin by allowing the cleanser to stay on your face for up to one minute before washing it off. 

Again, by gently massaging the cleanser in a circular motion onto your skin, you are helping the cleanser break down all the impurities present on your skin.

  • Washing off your cleanser with hot water

There is a reason why skincare brands would always tell you to use lukewarm water while washing off your cleanser. 

Using hot water to wash off your cleanser can cause your skin to dry out.

With lukewarm water, it is easier to loosen up the dirt and impurities on your skin. This makes it easier to wash off while helping you preserve your skin from getting dry and irritated. 

  • Rubbing your skin vigorously with a dry towel

A lot of skincare users are guilty of this act. You need to know that if you continue to do that, you might end up damaging your skin tissues and can cause various skin conditions such as wrinkles, redness etc. 

The best way to use your dry towel on your skin after cleansing is by gently patting it or leaving your skin damp like that. 

  • Using the wrong cleanser for your skin

Have you ever thought that the reason behind your negative cleansing outcome could be due to using the wrong cleanser for your skin? 

If you are getting unfavorable outcomes on your skin regularly after using your cleanser, that could be because your cleanser is harsh and sensitive to the skin.  

To avoid things like this from happening, you need to start using cleansers that are not sensitive to the skin. 

If you do not know, thousands of different cleansers are brought forth by various skincare brands, but not all of them will be good for your skin. 

The key to avoiding using the wrong cleanser is spending more quality time choosing the right cleanser that would be good for your skin. 

When choosing the right cleanser, we highly recommend Nashé beauty's Prime the glow (gentle cleanser). The gentle cleanser is one of the best cleansers you can confidently use on your skin regardless of skin type. You can get more information about the gentle cleanser on our website. 

Now, if you are still with us up to this point, we are happy to finally know that you will be able to identify these cleansing mistakes with ease. We are confident that you will put in more effort to avoid them moving forward. 

And again, doing the opposite of all these cleansing mistakes will surely give you a better outcome with your skincare routine.

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Pat McGrath: A founder, a renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur!

Pat McGrath: A founder, a renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur!

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