How to Use Retinol Correctly In Your Skincare Routine As A Beginner

How to Use Retinol Correctly In Your Skincare Routine As A Beginner

You have probably come across the word “Retinol” numerous times as a skincare devotee/lover, but it could be possible that you may not know what it means and how it can be beneficial to your skin. 

Retinol is gradually becoming a household name within the skincare industry. It is one of those skincare ingredients that most essential skincare products have as part of them, thereby making it a vital skincare ingredient you should look out for in some of your skin products. 

Retinol needs to be part of your skincare journey as there are health benefits your skin can get from it. But then, it would be hard to experience all the benefits of retinol when you don’t know the correct ways to use it. 

In this piece, we will share some simple ways to correctly use retinol to achieve the best result for your skin.


What is Retinol?

Retinol is a derived form of Vitamin A, which has become a vital ingredient in the skincare industry due to how beneficial and healthy it has proven to be when applied to the skin. 


Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative found in different skincare products such as serums, moisturizers etc. Retinol has the ability to penetrate through the dermis of the skin. 


It can also be used for various purposes like treatment of acne, preventing the skin from premature ageing and improving skin appearance. 

The Right Ways To Apply Retinol On Your Skin 

Most times, how effective a skincare product or ingredient turns out on your skin can be determined by how well you use it the right way. And retinol is among the skincare ingredients you should learn to use correctly to enjoy its full benefits on your skin.

And again, if you are someone that struggles with skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles & fine lines. Then, you would be doing yourself a great favour by knowing and understanding how to use retinol in the best possible way to help you overcome some of these skin concerns that make it hard to have glowing skin.


Below are ways you can use retinol more effectively on your skin as a skincare devotee;

1. You only need to apply a pea size of retinol on your skin which is considered enough. To be on the safer side, you do not need anything bigger than a pea size of it. 

2. You shouldn’t make the mistake of mixing retinol with any other active skincare ingredients.

3. Retinol is more effective and gives your skin an expected outcome when applied often at night before sleeping. This means that the best time to use Retinol is at night.

4. Don’t forget to apply your SPF in the morning after using retinol the previous night.  

5. Mixing your retinol with your moisturizer would give you a better result when you apply the combination to your skin. 

6. Your retinol usage should be within 1-2 nights a week.

 7. Finally, allow the retinol to penetrate your skin and exercise some patience while waiting for the outcome to start showing on your skin. 

Adhering to these steps above will help you get the best result after using retinol as part of your skincare routine. 

One of the things that can help you have an excellent skincare experience is knowing how to use most of your skincare products & ingredients correctly. 

And educating you as our skincare tribe member is one thing we are committed to doing at Nashé Beauty. 

Our goal remains to simplify your skincare routine. And this includes enlightening you on how to use essential skincare ingredients like retinol. Share this article with someone if you found it helpful. 

Love & Light.

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